The story of the tree

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→ Workshop #7 Holzgarten Baum(100) und Gebäude(100)

Our group would like people to immediately get a sense of wonder when they see our piece. We want them to become curious about the tree : in its 100 years of existence, , what did it live through; what experiences did it have; who walked by it, who climbed on it, who sat under it? To whom did the tree provide shelter, protection, food for?

We want people to wonder all these things. This , we feel, will create even more respect for the tree.

Thus, we want to create a piece whereby people are able to create their own images about the life and stories of the tree. We will have two pieces of the tree mounted on the wall next to each other. The larger piece is the interactive one;The audience will have the opportunity to create their own stories using the words provided. The smaller piece shows the organic secret life of the tree untouched by humans.

We also used metal on our wood to show the human touch. We wanted to created a contrast between the old an the new, the natural and the man made. We hope that this juxtaposition will create conversation between the pas, present and the future.