Team B “100 Connections”

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→ Workshop #9 Augmented Reality: Window to the Street

Day #1

During our research on the first day we realized that there is not enough connection between the city and the school.

Many people do not know what is being done at school. Therefore there can be no interest or understanding for projects or students.

So we decided to do a project that establishes a connection between school and city.

Day #2

“What is your favorite object and why?”

We all live and breath design everyday and all the time! We want the people of Pforzheim to understand how close they are to design, we want them to feel comfortable with the idea and come closer to check out what goes in the university.

Day #3

Today we went into the city to work with the people. We collected drawings, voice and a photo from each person.

To invite people into the school, we wrote 100 invitations by hand.


Day #4

At the fourth day, we created the “100 Connections” – App and the documentary. Moreover we prepared the exhibition for the next day.

Day #5

On the last day, we set up the exhibition and presented our work to the press. With the App we created an esthetic connection between the drawings, sound recordings and portrait photos.

VIDEO – Workshop Documentation