Team A

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→ Workshop #9 Augmented Reality: Window to the Street

Day #4

Day #3

Today we stared to design a visual langue to our project. Our project’s name is Touch Wood.



Map / invention:


Day #2
We started the day by setting goals of defining our project:
1. Name the project
2. Finalize the concept
3. Objectives
4. Message
5. Work Plan

1. Optional names:
- The Source
- Touch Wood
- Growing Warmth

2. The Concept:
- Genearate the creative energy from the school to the street.
- Celabrate 100 of Holtzgarten.
- Create a (never ending) event in the city.
- Expose the student’s work.

3. Objectives:
- Show the importance of Holtzgarten as a center/source of inspartion, creation and energy.
- Present PF as a potential center of creativty.

4. Message:
- Spread the energy
- The power of creativity

5. Work Plan:
- Present student work throughout the city on touch screens
- Create a heat map of PF city that shows the locations of the student’s work.
- Build a web site that shows how PF student’s spread across the world.
- Draw the people of PF into the school by transforming the facade of the Holtzgarten into a “living wall” you can touch.
- Write a storyboard showing the user scenario.

6. Visualization:
- Create visual identity for the project (logo, universal grid for print & screen).
- Design a printed heat map.
- Landing page.
- Stop motion movie showing the project.




Day #1

100 Degrees – Spread the Heat

In our minds HFG PF, located in the Holetzgarten, is a center of creativity that generate heat. This creative energy should be reflected and spread throughout Pforzheim.

We started the day by brainstorming on the subject of Pforzheim and the importance of the Holetzgarten in it. our 10 leading concept were:

Inside- Outside / Tree of life / Interaction / Time / Image / Expansion / Celebration / Tradition / Interdisciplinary / Window.
Finally we chose Inside – Outside as our leading concept in order to expose the energy the school generate as an analogy to the potential the school has.

We would like to invite the people of Pforzheim to an event which celabrates 100 years of the Holetzgarten. By using their warmth they would help us spread the creative energy.

Our main ideas are:

Daily never ending exhibition

Leave your mark

Creating a heat map that shows the spread of energy from the school and beyond.