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About the Workshop / Holzgarten / DESIGN PF / Fakultät für Gestaltung /Hochschule Pforzheim
Holzgarten / DESIGN PF / Fakultät für Gestaltung /Hochschule Pforzheim
Die Fakultät für Gestaltung der Hochschule Pforzheim feiert 100 Jahre Holzgarten

About the Workshop



The “Young European Talents Workshop” will take place in the course of the “Holzgarten” workshop week in co-operation with the WSP municipal undertaking (Wirtschaft und Stadtmarketing Pforzheim, responsible for the economic development of Pforzheim and promotion of the city) and the CREATE! PF initiative.

Window to the street – 100 years of the Holzgarten

An augmented reality workshop as a window to the past, present and future of the Holzgartenstrasse (Holzgarten street).

For the third time, talented young Europeans will descend on the city of Pforzheim for the “Young European Talents Workshop” organised by the WSP municipal undertaking and the design faculty of Pforzheim University and during an intensive four-day augmented-reality workshop will elaborate a future vision for the city.

Following on from the very successful workshops of 2009 and 2010, in 2011 in the course of the Holzgarten workshop week from 15th to 18th November five students from the design faculty of Pforzheim University from the area of visual communication and intermedial design will meet four students from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, a part of the University of the Arts of London, and six students from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

Under the guidance of Prof. Wolfgang Henseler, head of the degree programme for intermedial design at Pforzheim, the students will develop ideas on the theme of “Window to the street – 100 years of the Holzgarten”. Starting with the historical and connotative context of the architecture of Holzgartenstrasse 36, together on‑site the students will come up with new approaches and design ideas. On the basis of research and documentation from the city archives and interviews with the Pforzheim population visions will be created and a window actually opened – to the past, present and future of the Holzgartenstrasse, where the design faculty has been located for 100 years.

The term “augmented reality” generally relates to the computer-aided extension of our perception. For example, viewing the surroundings using a smartphone camera gives us additional information about the surroundings, or an additional virtual plane can be set up. In this manner it is also possible to transfer the actually viewed surroundings back to the past or into the future.

The results of the “Young European Talents Workshop” will be on view on 19th November from 10 am during the final presentation in the design faculty. Furthermore, on a daily basis work processes and provisional results will be documented in the workshop blog.

Heads of  the Workshop:
Prof. Wolfgang Henseler, Studiengangsleiter Intermediales Design, Fakultät für Gestaltung, Hochschule Pforzheim

Prof. Ronel Mor, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem


London, Central St. Martins University, Arts and Design

Ivo Federspiel
Paul Pajot
Anisha Peplinski
KD Jie Xia


Jerusalem, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Amir Avraham
Ben Nathan
Polina Sharanov
Arielle Michal Shekel
Dani Wolf
Eden Yarkoni


Pforzheim, Fakultät für Gestaltung, Hochschule Pforzheim

Alexander Brenk
Alexandra Herbert
Sonja Hülkämper
Kena Kopf
Katharina Weid




Pforzheim is creative – and not just from today! The founding of a jewellery and watchmaking factory in 1767 laid the foundations for a particular strength of Pforzheim: the ability to design and work with precision. Today this strength can be discovered all over Pforzheim. Nearly 1,500 companies and a total of approx. 5,000 persons work in the creative economy, with a special focus on design. In addition, the design faculty of Pforzheim University gives Pforzheim as a university city a global reputation.


As creativity and design are making an important contribution to economic changes in the city Pforzheim has used funding from the European Union for structural support, and using funding from the state and local community started the project “Kreativ in Pforzheim” in 2010 in order to ensure sustainable support for the creative economy.


CREATE! PF gives the Pforzheim creative economy an intuitive brand and two key areas. The first key area is network management which is being built up into a cluster for the market‑oriented creative economy. Together with regional players such as the design faculty of Pforzheim University, the chamber of commerce and trade guild and the creative economy itself, innovative solutions are being adopted to form networks and initiate new event formats, further education measures and business consulting. In 2013 the second key area of the CREATE! PF initiative will be introduced with the opening of the creative centre at the Emma-Jaeger swimming pool. Here 2000 square metres will be available to establish a central communication platform for Pforzheim’s creative economy offering modern co-working areas, ateliers, workshops and offices.






Funded by the European Union – European funds for regional development and the state of Baden-Württemberg



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